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Refill Rx

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To get a refill of your maintenance or prescription medication, please call Preferred Pharmacy You can also send a request online.

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Transfer Rx

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Looking for a pharmacy with better service and lower costs? Choose Preferred Pharmacy today! Transfer your prescription info online!

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Consult with a Pharmacist

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We offer you with our expert pharmacist consultation service that you can truly rely on. Ask anything about your health.

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Free Delivery Services

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Preferred Pharmacy will be happy to deliver your orders for FREE. Let us save you the trip! No need to drive; you can just receive your orders at your doorstep.

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It is the mission of Preferred Pharmacy to make every one of our patient’s lives better. We understand that each patient we service has different needs, and customize our services around them.

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Would you like to work with us? There are career opportunities waiting for professionals at Preferred Pharmacy

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Our Services

Generic Medications

High-quality medication doesn’t have to be expensive – ask us about our generic plan today.

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Diabetic Supplies

Stay safe, secure, and healthy with the help of our durable and tested medical supplies.

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For additional protection against illness, take our effective vitamins now.

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Allow us to customize your prescription according to your specific needs and requests.

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Prevent future diseases – get your immunization shots today.

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Free Pharmacist Consultations

Speak to one of our well-informed pharmacists and feel free to voice out any concerns that you have.

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